Our Team


Director & Founder

Narinder Singh Nagra

I'm working as a director of Mobile Junction Ltd trading as The Fone Shop at 10 Silver Street Bedford. I was always tech savvy and being from an engineering background, I wanted to experience the best in electronics, be it a phone or my PC. One day many years ago, I had to immediately rush to repair my phone I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the repair. So I decided to learn phone repairs and open this business after years of experience.

Chief Repair Man

Jordan Wood

I work for The Fone Shop. My education helped me to get interested in repairing devices. I love to make customers happy with profesional approach. As a team we work very good. I lead three employees.

Shop Manager

David Scott

CTO is one of the most coveted, and least understood, jobs in a company. I am very hardworking person and I dedicate a lot of time for my workers. With my best team we make our customers happy and proud.